Cartoni report a great IBC 2022 with massive interest in their new camera support products

This publication caught up with Elisabetta Cartoni to hear her thoughts on the show. She told us.

“It has been a good show for us. The industry finally comes back together after such a long deprivation from direct contact and interface.

We have had a constant flow of visitors from all continents and lots of interest for our new products.


The P40 pedestal, filling the gap between P70 and P 20  is a promising best seller for small studios!

The PTZ series of supports and accessories created a big interest among the system integrators and the  distributors for the new affordable support solutions targeting the corporate, educational, news  production  on PTZ.

The Red lock series confirmed its prominent place as the most reliable and flexible  lightweight support for digital video on the go.

The highlight of interest was never the less the new range of encoded heads, with the exponential growth of Visual effects, Virtual Reality and Virtual backgrounds, the position data become a must have additional metadata  and the Cartoni encoded heads provide it at an outstanding precision of 4 million counts per turn and zero delay.”

When we spoke to Elisabetta at the show, she was keen to comment about the great co-operation there has been between Cartoni and the manufacturers, this could be seen by the large number of exhibitors in halls 11 & 12 that were using the Cartoni range to support their latest cameras.

Cartoni are quite rightly taking their place in Film, TV and Live events as the leading innovator in the camera support sector.