The recent announcement of the 2024 Tony Award nominations has sparked a celebration of theatrical excellence worldwide. Clear-Com®, a pioneer in communication solutions for live entertainment, proudly looks back on its longstanding partnership with some of the most prestigious theatres and productions, as highlighted in past press releases.

The John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts, renowned for its commitment to artistic innovation, has continually relied on Clear-Com’s for two decades to elevate its performances. This year, Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak® II digital wireless system has seamlessly integrated into the Kennedy Center’s operations, ensuring flawless coordination among production teams during every performance. With its robust wireless design and unparalleled reliability, FreeSpeak II enabled crew members to communicate effortlessly across the vast expanse of the Kennedy Center’s venues, enhancing efficiency and safety.

In the heart of Broadway, Cirque de Soleil’s musical ‘PARAMOUR’ utilized Clear-Com‘s HelixNet®  Digital Network Partyline System and FreeSpeak II digital wireless system to maintain seamless communication throughout the show’s intricate production. With HelixNet’s digital partyline capabilities and FreeSpeak II’s advanced wireless technology, the production crew could coordinate intricate scene changes and aerial performances with precision and clarity, even amid the show’s dynamic choreography and complex staging.

As theatre productions transcend borders, Clear-Com’s solutions have traveled alongside iconic shows like Les Miserables, enriching the audience experience across continents. As Les Miserables embarked on a global tour spanning 52 countries and 22 languages, Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II digital wireless system served as the linchpin of communication. Deploying FreeSpeak II’s seamless integration with HelixNet and other Clear-Com wired intercom platforms, production teams maintained real-time connectivity across diverse venues and cultural landscapes. The strategic placement of antennae and wireless digital beltpacks ensured comprehensive coverage, enabling cast and crew members to execute flawless performances night after night, regardless of location.

From European premieres to immersive theatrical experiences, Clear-Com’s commitment to innovation and reliability has been evident in productions like the immersive theatrical experience ‘Free Your Mind’ in Manchester, United Kingdom. Factory International‘s groundbreaking theatrical experience, ‘Free Your Mind’, transported audiences into the heart of The Matrix with the help of Clear-Com’s innovative communication solutions. By integrating Clear-Com’s V-Series panels, FreeSpeak II, and Eclipse® HX Digital Matrix intercom system, production crews navigated the intricate demands of an immersive, multi-dimensional performance space. From choreographed dance sequences to dynamic set changes, Clear-Com’s technology provided the backbone for seamless coordination, ensuring an unforgettable journey for audiences and artists alike.

“These extraordinary productions stand as a testament to Clear-Com’s unwavering commitment to empowering creativity and innovation within the theatre community,” says Bob Boster, President of Clear-Com. “Clear-Com extends its heartfelt congratulations to all nominees and reaffirms its dedication to advancing the art of live entertainment through seamless communication solutions.”

Across diverse venues and formats, Clear-Com’s communication solutions have empowered creative teams to push the boundaries of storytelling and deliver unforgettable experiences to audiences worldwide. From Broadway to international stages, Clear-Com is proud to support the art of live entertainment and congratulates all nominees of the 2024 Tony Awards.

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