The Panasonic DLP laser projectors were selected by the Turkish Museum for their 4K resolution and high brightness, essential for the museum’s large-scale projection

Bracknell, UK. 4th July 2024 – The Ephesus Experience Museum has deployed Panasonic’s advanced DLP laser projection technology in a ground-breaking installation to bring the ancient trading city of Ephesus back to life as an immersive experience for visitors. Located in the historically rich area of Selçuk, Türkiye, this newly built sustainable museum in the pine forest of the important archaeological site uses 123 Panasonic DLP laser projectors to help create an immersive, multi-sensory experience that captivates and educates its visitors.

A Modern Marvel in a Historical Setting

Ancient Ephesus, a UNESCO World Heritage site, was one of the most important trading centres in the Mediterranean region. Ephesus Experience Museum, owned by Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Culture and Tourism and developed and operated by DEM Museums, enhances the visitor experience at the archaeological site. The Ephesus Experience Museum has already won an award, having been awarded the Best Museum category earlier this year at the US Mondo-Dr Awards which honour prestigious projects in the exhibition and hospitality sector worldwide. The Ephesus Experience Museum, which has been operating since August 2023, has already gained international attention and reputation.

The museum offers visitors a comprehensive exploration of Ephesus’ history, from its founding to its peak as a major urban centre. Guided by a storyteller in 17 languages, visitors journey through three distinct rooms, experiencing the ancient city through advanced audio-visual technology. The museum’s multi-sensory features include 360-degree projections, 3D soundscapes, and atmospheric effects like fog and scents, which together create a vivid, engaging, and educational experience.

Transformative Visual Technology

To bring the rich history of Ephesus to life, the museum uses 123 Panasonic DLP laser projectors known for their reliability, exceptional colour quality, and high brightness. These projectors ensure the exceptional image quality necessary for the realistic and immersive visual storytelling that defines the Ephesus Experience Museum.

Additionally, the projectors’ simplified workflows and robust design, featuring failover technology, ensure minimal maintenance and consistent performance. The use of various Panasonic lenses, including Ultra Short Throw lenses, allows for flexible installation and optimal image quality without shadows, preserving the visitor experience.

In a particularly popular exhibit, 90 Panasonic DLP projectors and an advanced speaker system recreate an ancient earthquake, offering visitors a dramatic and memorable glimpse into the past.

“The Panasonic projectors have been fundamental in achieving our vision of an immersive historical experience. Their reliability and quality have allowed us to bring the story of Ephesus to life in a way that captivates and educates our visitors,” said Eda Bildiricioglu, CEO of DEM Museums.

A Global Collaboration

The entire project, which spanned 26 months and involved up to 150 experts from around the world, was completed in August 2023. The collaboration between Panasonic Connect Europe and distributor and system integrator Astel Profesyonel Goruntu Sistemleri A.S. has resulted in a world-class museum experience with the support of content creation by Marshmallow Laser Feast and exhibition design by Atelier Brückner.


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About DEM Museums

DEM Museums specialises in exhibition management and audio-visual arts design, standing as a global pioneer in the rapidly evolving field of experiential and interactive museology. With over three decades of technological expertise, DEM masterfully weaves the tales of architectural heritage and the arts, employing cutting-edge technologies and a creative approach. Bringing together an elite team of the world’s leading museum curators, architects, art historians, audio-visual experience designers, archaeologists, and technology experts, DEM has created two state-of-the-art museums that celebrate the rich architectural, artistic, and cultural legacy of Anatolia. Proudly calling themselves “Experts of Experience,” DEM offers comprehensive services and products in experience design and storytelling, architectural design, technology, operations, marketing, and sales. Currently, the Hagia Sophia History and Experience Museum and the Ephesus Experience Museum are open to visitors, providing a unique and immersive journey through history. Future plans include the opening of the Hierapolis and Cappadocia museums, which will further enhance the museum landscape in the coming years. Operated under the auspices of the Republic of Türkiye Ministry of Culture and Tourism, these museums are among the first in the world to focus on technology-driven historical experiences, aiming to elevate the concept of interactive museums to new heights and set global trends.


About Ephesus Experience Museum

The Ancient City of Ephesus, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is one of the best-preserved archaeological sites in the world. The Ephesus Experience Museum, located right across from the Great Theater inside the ancient city, tells the story of Ephesus, this ancient cradle of Mediterranean civilization. The Ephesus Experience Museum uses “immersive” technologies with rich visuals to enable visitors to experience daily life, almost as it was in Ancient Ephesus. Immersive technologies charm viewers in a rich, comprehensive, and captivating audio-visual experience. The museum’s audiovisual stories, a fine blend of myth and reality, take visitors to the streets, houses, bazaars, markets, and temples of Ancient Ephesus. At the three separate halls of the museum, visitors meet renowned historical figures of the city, like Androklos, the founder of the city, as well as Cleopatra, Marcus Antonius, Artemis and St. Paul. They explore the Temple of Artemis, stroll along the Arcadian Way, and immerse themselves in the lifestyle of the Terrace Houses. For more information please visit:

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