The Spanish manufacturer will be present at the European broadcast show with its partners Canon, Brainstorm and Mo-Sys

Huelva (Spain), September 7th 2023. Alfalite, the only European manufacturer of LED screens, is pleased to announce its presence at IBC 2023 (September 15-18, RAI Amsterdam) where it will showcase its Modularpix Pro VP XR® LED panels for virtual production environments on the stands of its partners Canon, Brainstorm and Mo-Sys.

At Canon’s booth 11.C41, Alfalite LED displays will be used powered by Brompton electronics in a Virtual Production Studio where the Japanese brand will showcase its lenses for shooting with various virtual backgrounds.

At Mo-Sys booth 7.C16, the Alfalite VP XR solution will be part of a virtual LED studio for multi-camera workflows ideal for broadcasters and corporate content creators.

In turn, Brainstorm’s booth 7.C46 will showcase Alfalite & Brainstorm’s “VP XR Theatre” solution, which consists of a complete XR, AR, MR and VR environment using a LED Wall from the Spanish manufacturer and the Brainstorm InfinitySet solution ready to work with multi-camera, high frame rate, ultra-low latency, fluid capture and the largest color gamut in the market to generate real-time graphics, teleportation and virtual reality.

“We are looking forward to showing IBC 2023 visitors our VP XR solution for remote production and virtual stages that provides great advantages in flexibility and cost savings for both TV and film and live events,” says Luis Garrido, Executive Director of Alfalite.

Alfalite’s Modularpix Pro VP XR panels that will be showcased at IBC 2023 feature 1,5 and 1.9-millimetre pixel pitch, optical parameters and cd/m2 brightness > 1,900 nits, 7.680Hz and a color gamut of 86.22% over REC.2020, HDR10+, 240Hz and the lowest average power consumption in the market with only 140W/m2. Regarding the ceiling panels, they reach 6,000 nits and are prepared with lighting parameters to cover the scene.

These LED panels have ORIM (Optical Resin Injection Module) technology, a new termination system for LED panels through an injection of optical resin that improves precision between modules (<0.5mm). It also provides a magnified 175º horizontal and vertical viewing angle providing outstanding viewing angle stability and enabling filming the LED wall even from extreme camera angles. The panels are the ideal solution for virtual or mixed reality productions, broadcasting, film, series or advertising.

LED panels with ORIM technology have superior antistatic electricity protection (ESD > 10kV), improved thermal dissipation parameters, and excellent resistance to impacts, liquids, chemicals, and fire (with UL94 compliance). Also, they are easier to clean, suffer less deterioration and have the shortest repair time on the market.


About Alfalite

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