Arjun Pala from Broadley Studios talks to Movie Makers News about Virtual Production at Broadley

Movie Makers News: Today, we’re delighted to have Arjun Pala from Broadley Studios with us. Arjun, Virtual Production is a hot topic in the film industry. Can you share why Broadley Studios is becoming a preferred choice for this in Central London?

Arjun Pala: Thank you for having me. Virtual Production, especially with green screen technology, is transforming content creation. At Broadley Studios, we offer unique advantages for this kind of production, right in the heart of London.

Movie Makers News: What are the key benefits of shooting virtual production with green screen at Broadley?

Arjun Pala: Primarily, it’s about flexibility and time efficiency. Our green screen technology allows for the creation of any environment, overcoming the limitations of physical locations. This is essential for meeting tight production schedules and managing budgets. Additionally, our setup enables the immediate delivery of complex scenes, which is a significant advantage.

Broadley Studios Virtual Set

Movie Makers News: How does this approach facilitate collaboration within production teams?

Arjun Pala: Green screen technology significantly enhances collaboration. Different departments, such as art direction, cinematography, and costume, can view and work within the same virtual environment in real-time. This leads to better communication and a more unified, visually stunning final product.

Movie Makers News: Budget constraints are always a concern in filmmaking. How does Broadley make virtual production more accessible?

Arjun Pala: Our approach to green screen Virtual Production is more cost-effective compared to traditional location shoots or large studio setups with LED walls. This makes high-quality production accessible to smaller companies and independent filmmakers who may have limited budgets.

Movie Makers News: Sustainability is increasingly important. What’s Broadley’s take on this in terms of virtual production?

Arjun Pala: Sustainability is a key consideration for us. Our virtual production methods reduce the environmental impact significantly. We minimize waste, reduce the carbon footprint from travel, and even consume less electricity compared to other methods. This is particularly attractive for brands and production companies looking to enhance their environmental responsibility.

Movie Makers News: For those interested in Broadley’s virtual production services, how can they get in touch?

Arjun Pala: We welcome anyone interested in exploring virtual production to contact us. They can call us at 0207 725 5858, email [email protected], or even visit our facilities to see our setup and discuss their projects.

Movie Makers News: Thank you, Arjun, for these fascinating insights. It’s clear that Broadley Studios is at the cutting edge of virtual production technology.

Arjun Pala: It’s my pleasure. We’re excited about the future of virtual production and look forward to collaborating on innovative projects in this space.

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