CJP Broadcast Service Solutions, systems integration, production and content digitisation specialist, is building a fully-featured XR demonstration facility at its headquarters in Ross-in-Wye. The installation will be agnostic to software elements, allowing users to test their preferred graphics platforms in a professional environment.

Initially, the studio will have a 4m x 2m wall, using AOTO 2.3mm LED panels. CJP has a partnership agreement with AOTO, and this installation gives both companies a strong demonstration environment. Mo-Sys StarTracker camera tracking is to be installed in the studio, allowing the graphics engine to be fed with very precise positioning information with six degrees of freedom: X, Y and Z location; pan, tilt and roll. StarTracker can be fitted to any camera in the studio, but initially CJP is planning to use a Red Komodo camera.

Signal processing for the LED wall uses the Brompton S8. Visitors to the studio will be able to choose and load their own preferred CR graphics engine, such as VP Pro XR from Mo-Sys, and the Voyager XR Solutions from Ross Video. CJP recently won an award from Ross for its outstanding work in the education sector.

As well as the realtime XR LED wall, the studio will also have a green screen for conventional virtual production. Again, this will include various software options to fit different required solutions. For those who have an interest in motion capture, the studio will also be equipped with Xsens body suits and software.

“We have been extremely successful recently in building virtual production and XR facilities, not least for universities,” said Christopher Phillips, managing director of CJP Broadcast Service Solutions. “Inevitably, many creative organisations worry that XR might be too complicated, too advanced, too challenging for them. We will now be able to bring them into our own studio and show them what can be done, the creative opportunities it opens up, and the way that we can support them to get going.

“The new XR studio will act as a showcase for our extended capabilities as a systems integrator,” Phillips continued. “It is also important to show that as an independent business we are agnostic but also very well informed. If a potential client has a specific set of tools we are very comfortable building them into a system; if they need guidance towards the right solution for them, we can show them the relative merits of the leading developers. Showing how we can help our clients is the driving force behind building our own studio.”

The new facility is expected to be completed and available for demonstration and training use by early 2024. If necessary, the equipment can be packed for transport and set up in a client space to show what can be achieved. It is also intended to be used for Research & Development, in close partnership with key educational facilities. This will include testing the latest range of cameras, side-by-side LED and Graphics comparisons, lighting, and more.

CJP is an independent systems integrator, and has strong partnerships with key suppliers including AOTO, Ross, Mo-Sys, Xsens and others. For more information on the company and its capabilities, see www.cjp-bss.co.uk.