Surrey, UK, 14 August 2023 – Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC), a Nikon company, will unveil a range of groundbreaking broadcast technology innovations at this year’s International Broadcasting Convention (IBC) held at the RAI Convention Center in Amsterdam. The MRMC Broadcast booth, located on Stand 11.C26, will highlight the latest in Virtual Studios and Virtual Teleportation workflows, alongside PTZ enablement solutions, the latest range of Slidekamera by MRMC products as well as Nikon Z series cameras. The Motion Control booth, Stand 12.D20, visitors will see the debut of the highly anticipated Cinebot Mini camera robot, where attendees will get a chance to demo the robot for the first time.


Virtual Production Workflows

MRMC will showcase a range of studio focused robotic technologies, such as the Studiobot XL, AJS-2 (Advanced-Jib System), and TRH-1 (Track Robotic Head), and demonstrate how they interface with virtual production workflows. The IBC stand set design has been crafted to demonstrate how these solutions integrate with virtual graphics systems, specifically illustrating key controls such as mapping positional data and aligning camera perspectives. This will allow attendees to explore the cutting-edge technology that is transforming studio operations across the world. Visitors will also be offered a live demonstration of MRMC robotics used by iconic studios, such as ESPN’s Catalyst Stage in Bristol, CT, featuring virtual production screens and ghost framing from Disguise.

At stand (11.C26), the LED screen will be powered by i5LED – a provider of direct-view LED display solutions that helps businesses transform creative visions into reality. Their screens offer superior technology like indoor ultra-fine pitch Chip-on-Board (COB) LED displays, fine-pitch outdoor displays, and all-in-one solutions. The screen itself that will be on display is an i5LED, ICON PerformancePlus XR LED display. A scalable and modular solution for broadcast and virtual production environments, featuring 100% DCI-P3 color gamut and HDR technology for rich dynamic colour details and lifelike picture quality, providing a vivid visual experience with a flicker-free 7,680Hz refresh rates. Its high brightness, high contrast, and 160-degree viewing angles ensure visual uniformity, and the 500mm x 500mm cabinets allow for easy installation and a seamless design.


Virtual Teleportation

In a major step toward pushing the boundaries of technology innovation, MRMC will also demonstrate its Virtual Teleportation workflow solution, which allows for an unprecedented level of camera motion and synchronisation. By using robotic heads in different locations and programming them to move in unison, it enables a smooth transition from a single-person shot to a dynamic two-person shot. This development means studios can effortlessly pan between separate locations or combine remote feeds with local feedback, creating the illusion that subjects are sharing the same physical space, compensating for delays between two locations and ensuring synchronised motion.The green screen feed is set against the real or second virtual set, making it appear as if all participants are in the same location.


Nikon Z Series Cameras & Lenses

Nikon will exhibit its latest Z series range of cameras and lenses. The powerful and agile Z 8 will be on display – packed with innovative technology. The Z 8 brings a whole new level of agility to Nikon’s professional line-up. Offering striking image quality for both video and stills, its ability to shoot blazing fast 120 fps ensures that no decisive moment is ever missed. Its predecessor, the mighty Z 9, will also be on display, showing off its versatile design, sharp screen, extensive autofocus system and fast frame rate. A variety of Nikon’s Z series lenses will also be on display, which, when combined with the cameras, support incredible optical performance.


New PTZ Enablement Solutions – ARC-UHD + RLS-1

MRMC Broadcast will also be showcasing its PTZ enablement solutions, which give movement and creativity to PTZ content capture. Introducing camera motion and automated robotics into this workflow offers a different way to approach and manage growing productions. By integrating camera motion and automated robotics into the workflow, production teams can expand interest while delivering practical benefits. Central to any successful PTZ production solution is the ability to integrate any combination of PTZ cameras and rails/jib solutions. MRMC will  demonstrate this with its QRS-1 (Quiet Rail System), a modular track designed for studio, event, and mixed production environments. The QRS-1 can be used to integrate a wide range of PTZ cameras, including the new ARC-UHD PTZ camera, which will be on display for the first time at IBC 2023. Giving movement to these PTZs will be the LLS-1 (Light Lift System) which gives vertical movement to a PTZ camera, while the RLS-1 (Rail Lift System) expands the range of motion by creating a dual lift system that comprises two LLS-1 lifts and a QRS-1 rail.


Slidekamera Slideye 2.0 Software & Monohead Studio

IBC attendees will also be able to see the company’s expanding Slidekamera by MRMC range of robotics offering, allowing more creative shots to be achieved with these simple and effective robotic heads and sliders.  New products on display this year will be the Slideye 2.0 software, which offers real-time control for all Slider systems and the PTZ Monohead Studio, the latest addition to MRMC’s line-up of remote heads which comes with an integrated AF-48 Quick Release Adapter for easy mounting. This is in addition to the main Atlas and Titan Slider kits with various head configurations.


Cinebot Mini

Making its debut at IBC2023 on MRMC’s Motion Control booth (12. D20), the Cinebot Mini is a small, lightweight and versatile camera robot designed to enable operators to take charge of every shot. Engineered for simplicity, it offers a range of user-friendly, simple and portable features ideal for studio owners, content creators, grips, cinematographers and camera operators.

“We are delighted to showcase our latest innovations at IBC2023,” commented Assaff Rawner, CEO at MRMC. “The Virtual Studio and Virtual Teleportation workflow solutions represent a major step forward in broadcasting capabilities, allowing for a level of integration and synchronisation previously unavailable. In addition, the debut of the Cinebot Mini shows we’re not only introducing a versatile tool but also underlining our commitment to providing practical, state-of-the-art solutions for our clients across the industry.”


About Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC)

Mark Roberts Motion Control (MRMC) is a Nikon Group company. MRMC is on the front line of imaging innovation and is the leading manufacturer of cutting-edge solutions for motion control, automation, broadcast robotics, remote image capture and virtual and volumetric content production. They design, manufacture and assemble robotic rigs, pan-tilt and multi-axis robotic heads and tracking technologies. MRMC’s robotic and software solutions are used all over the world by film studios, sports broadcasters, football leagues and more. Class-leading technical and engineering achievements have earned MRMC several industry awards in the past 50 years. For more information, visit In 2016, MRMC was acquired by Nikon Corporation.


About Nikon

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