MRMC’s Studiobot XL has found a new home with Disney at ESPN’s headquarters in Bristol, where they recently launched their state-of-the-art virtual production setup, the Catalyst Stage. This new immersive studio combines physical and virtual elements for live multi-camera productions and cinematic-quality projects.


We opted for robotics not only because of the space limitation but also for the flexibility. The depth in front of the stage is only about 10 ft. For us to work around that, we decided to go with these robotics. That has been a key element for us because it would have been tough to fit a jib in there but we can get still a lot of compelling, creative shots.”

Christiaan Cokas, director, Creative Automation + Studio Technology, Disney

How Camera Robotics Fit Into Remote Productions

At the KitPlus Show that recently took place at Media City UK, MRMC Broadcast Business Development Manager, Sascha Kunze presented the latest innovations in robotics solutions, looking at how they can benefit content creators working in live remote production applications.

Find out more about how seamlessly these solutions integrate into your workflow, from robotic heads, arms, and rails for PTZ enablement to teleportation and advanced studio robotics.

New From Slidekamera by MRMC – PTZ Monohead Studio

The newly developed PTZ Monohead Studio combines the best of both worlds – the ease of use of a PTZ camera with the precision of a motion control head.

Enhanced motion is delivered with the addition of a panorama axis to allow your PTZ camera to capture parallax tracking. Thanks to this simple trick, you can control the horizontal rotation of the kit, keeping all other benefits of your PTZ system.

Learn more about the PTZ Monohead here 


PTZ Enablement Highlighted at InfoComm 2023

Thank you to our partners at Broadfield Distributing Inc for creating this video showcasing our booth at InfoComm 2023!

Check out some highlights of our booth featuring the modular QRS rail and Polymotion Chat Pro, presented by our own @adam-medri-2a541414.

We had a great time at the show and thoroughly enjoyed sharing our innovative solutions with the broadcasting community.!