Through the Power of Virtual Production, Travel the World by Motorbike, Discover How to Shoot Your Own Commercial And More

AUSTIN February 29, 2024 — Disguise, a global leader in powering real-time visuals for everything from Beyoncé concerts to Amazon Prime shows, is partnering with UK House to bring a state-of-the-art virtual production studio to SXSW for the very first time. Visitors to the venue at Downright Austin can hop on a motorbike from UK to US in an immersive experience in partnership with the UK Advertising Exports Group (UKAEG). Visitors will also experience first-hand how a commercial can be filmed using a virtual production studio in our Accelerator Course taster for Advertising along with other special events and talks. 

“Disguise sits at the intersection between technological innovation and creative storytelling – unleashing game changing possibilities for immersive experiences and entertainment. In our first-ever appearance at SXSW, in partnership with UK House, we are thrilled to bring a taste of the same technology powering Adele’s Las Vegas residency, the NBA’s state-of-the-art LED court for All-Star 2024, Snapchat’s AR integration and Hollywood blockbuster films to Austin,” says Disguise CXO Alex Wills. “Together we will explore how to stand out from the crowd, get people talking about your brand and create the most immersive, engaging concerts, experiences and films the world has seen.”

Starting from 8 March, Disguise will host a 4-day programme with five different talks, exclusive demos, a taster course for virtual production and a full-day immersive activation held.


Highlights include the following:

  • “ADVenture: An immersive experience.” In collaboration with UK Advertising Exports Group (UKAEG) and companies including Chrome, Cube, Experience12 and Preevue, and featuring the world’s most advanced fully electric motorbike from Arc motorbikes; SXSW attendees will be transported from London to the US in just 10 seconds, culminating in the creation of personalised social media content. More details here

  • “How we turned LA’s SoFi stadium into a virtual ocean”. Speakers from LA Rams, Snapchat and Meptik will explore how they used AR technology to transform LA’s SoFi Stadium into a virtual ocean for Princess Cruises’ brand activation, making waves in the worlds of sports and brand engagement. More details here


  • “Virtual Production Accelerator – Advertising Production Special”. A free Virtual Production Accelerator training course on Sunday at 14:30pm. Taught by Disguise experts, this course will take attendees through the benefits of using virtual production for commercials and how the technology can be used in practice. All course attendees will get to experience first-hand, exactly what goes into a virtual production shoot. More details here


Discover even more talks on AI, spatial computing and immersive brand campaigns in the studio’s full schedule at


According to Aisling Conlon, International Trade Director for UK Advertising, “UK Advertising is thrilled to join forces with Disguise, the global leader in real-time visual innovation, for our debut immersive activation. SXSW, is renowned for fostering innovation, creativity, and collaboration, and provides the perfect stage to launch our new campaign ‘UK Advertising takes you places’. Guests will be transported from London to the US in just 10 seconds, experiencing the exhilaration of the world’s most advanced motorbike through stunning visuals, compelling storytelling, and cutting-edge immersive technology—hallmarks of UK Advertising’s excellence. Special thanks to Disguise, Preevue, and our esteemed members Chrome, Cube, and Experience 12 for their invaluable support.”


“We are pleased to have Disguise as our production partner for UK House at SXSW. UK

innovation companies like Disguise are already revolutionising experiences and creative storytelling across the world and driving new technologies in Web3, spatial computing and AI.

Our venue, UK House, at SXSW will give just a taste of the opportunities out there,” says Rupert Daniels, Director, Services and Skills, Department for Business and Trade. 


Visit Disguise at SXSW


Visit Disguise’s virtual production studio at UK House at Downright Austin, A Renaissance Hotel located at 701 E 11th St. 


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